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. >> reporter: jessica cartalia, wjz news. >> and changes will go into effect in the year 2011. >>> miss america 2009, there she is, katie stan. she always wears that crown around town. made a visit to the v.a. hospital. that was an honor on veterans day. >>> coming up on bjz tonight. president obama makes his very first trip to china, coming up on wjz. why it could be the most important on his trip to asian. >>> police now taking a break in the search for a missing carolina girl. >>> a child is pushed into a running washing machine by his own brother, we'll tell you how he got out safe. >>> the holiday shopping season is fast approaching. more on what retailers say you can expect. >>> i'm meteorologist bernadette woods, after a warm day today, we do have a cooldown coming in today. the cool weather is going to continue, we'll tell you for how long coming up on our first warn forecast. for a short time, dunkin' donuts has something the whole gang will love -- six fresh, delicious donuts for just $3. affordable treats to share with friends, family, and co-workers. grab six donuts for only $3 toda
contestant will speak out and perform on tomorrow's live good morning america show. >>> a family has been searching desperately for their son for the past decade. jessica cartalia has the story. >> reporter: this dramatic reunion of an american teenager with his birth parents is nothing short of a miracle. pulled off by his adoptive mother in maryland. christian came to america when he was 10 years old, when julian norris adopted him from a chinese orphanage. >> he was found under an overpass. >> haunted by vague childhood memories of his family, christian wanted answers. >> reporter: they left me and -- >> they left me and abandoned me. that's what i thought the whole time. >> when he turned 16 that's when he started talking about finding him birth parents. >> reporter: julia searched extensively for christian's family. contacting an organization that searches for t missing children. his father says they got separated on route from their small town to a local village. he searched frantically but never saw him little boy again. >> my heart just broke. as a mom you just ache for that mom a
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president one of america's best. nbc president has been named one of the 10 best college presidents in the nation. today he says he is excited the attention and what it brings to unbc. >>> breaking her silence after months of avoiding the media spotlight sarh palin is speak out what she says about life on the campaign trail. >> and the parents are due in court. what's expected to happen. >>> major policy change the rules in effect at towson university. >>> update on the big coastal storm. i am bob turk and i will have the complete first warning forecast coming up next. >>> it's 50 degrees and breezy in central maryland. complete first warning weather forecast is coming. first in an extraordinary move the u.s. government is trying to seize four mosques as part of a counter terrorism strike. one of them is the islamic education center in rockville. all of the religious buildings are owned by the foundation the nonprofit organization that is suspect of being controlled by the iranian government. the mosques will remain open while the court process continues. >>> guilty pleas are expec
than two million cribs are being recalled in north america after the product's are linked to the deaths of four babies. as terry o key da reports, they have one things in common. >> reporter: but for michelle, it comes too late. she lost her son tyler when his head got stuck in the gap with the side rail and head board. >> to see the horrific sight of him strangled between the head board and side rail. >> reporter: those side rails are what concern the consumer product safety commission. today's recall involves two million cribs made by stork craft from 2003 to 2009. 147,000 of them have the fisher- price logo. safety officials say the malfunctioning hardware is to blame for serious injuries and four deaths. they urge parents to request a repair kit from the company's website, >> it's more convenient to have a drop downside, but the industry is working to different sides. >> almost all of the manufactures that i know of are switching any dropside cribs to stationary side cribs by the beginning of next year. >> reporter: leela is due to give birth december 5th, she likes
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. and of small town america. >> we're all mom and pop independent operators. sort of the soul of economy. >> reporter: the items are eclectic, and the stores quaint. they are the main street communities being showcased this holiday season. >> kind of like in miniature you might say. >> everything is unique. in the malls, especially the big stores, everything is the same. here you never know what you will find. >> reporter: howard county, some shops around main street have not been open long. but there are things that set them apart. >> the good thing about the store, 99% of our vendors give back to charitable causes. >> mumbles and squeaks store is one of the stores midnight madness is showcasing. >> we have people who shopped here at four or five that are now inviting us to their weddings. >> reporter: governor martin omalley states -- >> am i getting ecofriendley paper too. >> you know what, you are. of course. >> reporter: the way to contribute to the local economy and the community with a little less of the stress. from howard county, tim williams, wjz eyewitness news. >>> maryland's
america's top talk show for over two decades. the oprah show goes beyond the u.s. oprah started her career in tennessee, she eventually moved to chicago. one year later, that show became the oprah show. the show has won numerous awards and has touched upon just about every topic under the sun, making oprah a household name. >> hello chicago. >> reporter: oprah's employees are also said to see their icon leave. >> i feel said, but it's a legacy, she will live on. >> reporter: oprah will reveal the final date of her show friday. the oprah winfrey show will not be transferred to cable television, bringing an end to an era. >> reports indicate oprah will debut the oprah winfrey network in the year 2011. the venture is expected to be the home of her new talk show. >>> well, a long way from that little funk desk she used to have next to mine. >>> a sweet solution, snowy rose are no different to -- snowy roads are not unusual to baltimore. but this year, the transportation department is planing to use a cooking ingreed to keep ice off the roads. >>> and police say this woman is crying crocodile
for small businesses across america. it's not about cafi hunt. you know, it's about everything coming together. >> reporter: things fell apart last month when the big bird flew the co-op. the city informed the restaurant that she didn't have the permit and was crying foul. sheila dixon encouraged her to put the flamingo back on the restaurant fire escape. >> this is a landmark that hems to determine the uniqueness. wytheing had to pay to have the bird fly over the best but that's not the 800 dollars she was originally told she had to pay. >> this sign is odd shaped so we use more of a triangular measurement. we did a more accurate measurement which helped achieve a little bit different fee for her. >> have their is a saying you can't fight city hall but denise whiting says, sometimes, you don't have to fight. you see someone on the inside who want to help. whiteing got the mayor to agree to put this sign advertising hampden and interstate 83. >> you think there has been too much of a deal made about this flamingo? >> possibly. it's good for the neighborhood. helps sell it. >> it does
with friends, family, and co-workers. grab six donuts for only $3 today. america runs on dunkin'. >>> a pair of heavyweights will team up to host next year's oscar. steve martin will be joined by alex ball baldwin. this will be the leading actor's first attempt to be the leading man at the awards. >>> it's being called the rivot in the domain. when the family bought this bag of just as we promise 100% fresh produce... and rancher's reserve beef, guaranteed tender 100% of the time. at safeway, we now promise something new. something big. a commitment... to thousands of new everyday low prices. so you can get what you want. when you want it. at the price you need. today... and tomorrow. that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway.
will reform health care for america in the house of representatives. >> reporter: president obama did his part with a rare trip to the hill and an appeal from the rose garden. >> now is the time to finish the job. >> reporter: but all 177 house republicans stand united against the bill. >> we'll raise premiums, increase taxes, cut billions from medicare and cost millions of working americans their job. >> reporter: outside the capitol, gop lawmakers and hundreds of conservatives rally to voice her opposition. many in this crowd say the 1.2 billion dollar bill is too expensive and take as way basic freedoms. >> it's the idea that they know better than we do how to run our lives, and we're too stupid to figure it out. >> reporter: most lawmakers are in favor of health care reform. how to get it done remains a bitter standoff. late friday night, democrats added restrictions that prohibit federal insurance funds from being used for abortions. >> that was kathryn brown reporting. i'm getting in new information. once again, the health care reform bill has passed the u.s. house. all of maryland's rep
to share with friends, family, and co-workers. grab six donuts for only $3 today. america runs on dunkin'. >>> ravens gearing up for the weekend. >> and the ravens have a lot to play for here. the first rematch of the season and the first opportunity. this he are facing the when gals that rolled in and ambushed them with a running performance by benson that led to the upset win. and revenge was mentioned today but not by the ravens. >> that's not a motivator. it is the fact that he hotly contested. we can be a factor in the division. the fact they won means they have to be to be in the division, you can see the ravens. our coverage at 1:00. i'll have post-game reaction. >>> at the world series and matsui has driver non-six runs tonight. yankees lead the phillies 7-3 in the 8th inning. if new york wins they win the series. >>> basketball down to the fire in washington, dc. the shot, wizards up. and a minute and a half to go. and less than 30 seconds left to play. wade wants to decide the game. he drops 40. and and the nuggets continue their terror. mortgage. mart join a mass to melo. he s
bombs are responsible for more than 75% of the deaths in america and coalition forces. that's why jobs like caughland's are so important. but his important mission ended too soon, and now his family are mourning the loss that many will remember as a free spirit. >> very, very honorable, lived a very interesting life. you knew chris, it was exactly the way he would have wanted to live his life. >> obviously i will remember chris as a hero. >> coughland graduated top of his group. >>> president bush and the chinese president are both in a closed door meeting. two leaders met in front of the cameras earlier today shortly after president obama spoke with students. one student asked whether the social siting should be allowed. president obama said leaders should stop censoring some web site, saying a free flow of information makes for a stronger society. >>> it was the dominator against the zoid. after two years, dominique ozorio lost his fight against cancer, but today the dominator living on. kai jackson sat down with the family. >> reporter: a harvard county boy loses his battle with can
in central maryland. complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. >>> america's biggest terrorism trial will take place p new york. self-professed 9/11 mastermind khalid shake muhammad will be tried a short distance from ground zero and they can't used their confession in civilian court. suspects are all currently being held at guantanamo bay. >>> the suspect in the fort hood shooting spree may be permanently paralyzed. the lawyer for nidal malik hasan says he has no feeling in his legs and the army psychiatrist was shot multiple times during the attack. he has been charged in a military court with 13 counts of premeditated murder. investigators say he is the only suspect and may face additional charmings. >>> the parents of the so- called balloon boy admit they are gety of pulling off a hoax that was played out on tv around the world. richard and mayuni heene pled guilty in a colorado court. richard to a felony count that carries possible jail time. mayumi to a misdemeanor that came with the promise she wouldn't be deported to her native japan. they say the balloon launch and cla
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